Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest Greek island. It is a highly preferred summer destination, as it combines a rich history, an interesting culture and a dynamic nightlife that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. The picturesque villages, the well-maintained monuments and the archaeological sites, the medieval castles and the wonderful beaches are just some of the reasons to visit it, again and again!

Old Town

The medieval city of Rodos is a UNESCO monument of world cultural heritage. It captivates both yesterday and today thus offering a unique experience to visitors. Dominated by the imposing Palace of the Grand Master, this fortified Medieval City is surrounded by 3km moats and walls.


Lindos is a unique monument of Ancient Rodos; once one of the most powerful cities in antiquity, today it is a combination of sky and sea blue with dazzling white traditional houses. The castle of the Crusaders, the Acropolis of Athena Lindia on top of the hill and the paved streets of the village capture visitors’ imagination. Walk through the small streets, or visit the Acropolis either on foot or hop aboard a “Lindos Taxi” donkey!

Butterfly Valley

The Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes) lies in the western part of Rodos. It is a lush green valley filled with pines and storax trees; the scent of which attracts thousands of butterflies of the genus Panaxia quadripunctaria, from mid-June to September.  The site is outstanding with rustic bridges crossing a cool river dotted with water lilies and stone walkways.

Seven Springs

Wooden bridges and trickling streams set the mood at Seven Springs, a site of natural beauty. The sound of the water and the scent of pines pervades the air. A great family challenge is to walk around the footpaths looking for the source of each of the seven springs! 


On Filerimos hill is the Monastery of Our Lady and the remains of the ancient acropolis of Ialysos, one of the three ancient cities of Rodos. Walk along the “Golgotha”, a tree-sheltered path with a series of shrines depicting scenes of Christ’s Passion. The footpath leads to an imposing cross, from the top of which are panoramic views of villages and green valleys below. 


Kamiros was the smallest of the three ancient cities forming the Rodian state. More isolated and conservative than commercial Lindos and aristocratic Ialysos, it retained its rural character throughout antiquity. The remains of the city are a characteristic example of Hellenistic urban layout, divided like a chessboard into public and private buildings zones.

Rodini Park

Rodini Park is a true heaven on earth, just three kilometers away from the city of Rhodes, along the Rhodes-Lindos highway. It is the most ancient park of the world and is famous for its dense vegetation. The idyllic landscape created by the small bridges, the water lilies spread across the lake’s surface and the traditional narrow paths is definitely worth a visit.


Monolithos Castle

The village of Monolithos is named after a huge stone that sits alongside a castle on top of a magnificent rock. Within the walls of this impregnable fortress are two monasteries with fine wall paintings.


Prasonissi, on the southern shore of the island, is well-known by windsurfing enthusiasts. The west beach is usually windy, while the east is calm. Prasonissi can be accessed from the east or the west of the island. Try both routes, one to reach it and the other when leaving the area, to enjoy a spectacular drive through the magnificent countryside.


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