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Some of the traditional dishes of Rhodes have been attributed religious or initiative features, still respected today, and so are cooked on special occasions or holidays: betrothals, weddings, christenings, Easter, Christmas or the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Wheat, olive oil, local meat, and fish remain at the heart of the cuisine in Rhodes, while new ingredients grown on the island during later years (such as arugula, avocado, tarragon e.a.) together with modern cooking techniques have highlighted the locally prepared dishes. Let's go through some of the most distinctive dishes the cuisine in Rhodes has to offer and the restaurants you may order them or something of similar taste.

  • Starters & Salads

  • Avranies: it's a local type of wild asparagus, cooked with oil and onions and dressed with a light sauce made of flour and lemon juice.
    Pitaroudia: fried pies made of chickpeas, served with onion and tomato
  • Karavoloi giachnisti: For the more adventurous in tastes, these are actually snails cooked in a pot with onion, olive oil, tomato, pepper, bay and cumin. 
  • Chtapodokeftedes: The exact translation of this is 'octapus ball'... Think meat-balls, but made of minced octapus meat, fried and served for your pleasure! 

Main dishes & Sides

  • Matsi or pasta “plasta”: Handmade pasta cooked in meat stock with lots of cheese and sizzling fresh butter. It may be served with boiled lentils, chickpeas or dry beans. 
    Ornitha me loukoumi: Boiled chicken filled with rice, giblets, onion and herbs and served with local chylopites (egg-based homemade pasta). 
    Psaria marinata: Basically, it's any type of freshly fished fish, marinated in wonderfully aromatic freshly picked rosemary, olive oil, salt, vinegar and pepper. 
  • Psaria tiganita me pligouri: Fried fresh fish with a side of groats cooked with tomato 
  • Katsiki stifado: Lamb chops cooked with rice and cinnamon, a traditional favourite at the village of Psinthos. 
  • Lakani: Veal or goat or lamb meat cooked in tomato sauce in the wood oven inside a 'lakani' (ceramic pot with lid) and served with 'chondros' (coarsely ground wheat). 



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