Esperia Group / Coronavirus COVID-19

Esperia Group / Coronavirus COVID-19

Esperia Group, with a fifty year long experience in the hospitality sector stays firmly true to its commitment to always offer the highest level of health and safety standards to all its valuable guests, associates and employees and is taking every precautionary measure in order to increase the already high standard safety levels in its hotels.

In reference to what is the actual status of the virus in Greece at the moment, according to official announcements of the EODY (Greek Organization of Public Health), there has not been a large outbreak or a large spread of the virus until now, so the number of the virus affected people is quite low, mostly thanks to all the precautionary measures that have been announced by the Government/Ministry of Health, and were very rapidly applied by all. It is worth mentioning that though until this very moment the Greek Government’s success to contain the virus and prevent a large spread is remarkable, our hearts and prayers are with the people who have been affected around the world and to the heroes of the Health Care systems everywhere.

We will continue to closely monitor the developments and we will, as always, act conscientiously and responsibly to the best interest of our valuable guests and employees as nothing is more precious to us than their well being. 

We feel confident that together we will overcome this difficult, for the whole world, time and we will soon get back to our usual way of life so we would like to kindly encourage you to keep your spirit high knowing that we are here to help you enjoy your much needed, valuable holidays when the time comes!

Taking these unique circumstances into account, Esperia Group has changed its cancellation policy for new reservations.

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We are always here for you and we are happy to be at your faithful service!