Waste Management from Esperia Group

Waste Management from Esperia Group

ESPERIA GROUP starts a promising chapter of alternative waste management in Rhodes
by signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Dodecanese Recycling (DANAEKK)

A new promising chapter for the protection of the natural environment started in Rhodes with the beginning of cooperation for the alternative management of waste from excavations, constructions and demolitions, between the Dodecanese Recycling and Esperia Group.

With this cooperation, a wide range of synergies is launched in Rhodes for the protection of the environment through Alternative Waste Management from Excavations, Constructions and Demolitions, with the hope to be extended to all Dodecanese, for the proper management of the social resource of recycling and targeted interventions for environmental protection.

The reuse of waste and their alternative management is the way that will lead us out of the vicious circle of their uncontrolled dumping, the waste of the natural resources, and the pollution of the environment of the Island of Rhodes.

Pioneer Esperia Group, paves the way of collaborations with the Dodecanese Recycling, fulfilling the obligation of all of us not only towards the law but especially towards the next generations, for a cleaner environment, an ecological tourist product and a green Rhodes.

For the Dodecanese Recycling, it is a privilege to cooperate with Esperia Group and its people who have practically proved its love for Rhodes by participating in similar initiatives, hoping that this example will be followed by other companies, individuals as well as the whole of society of Rhodes.

Source: danaekk.gr